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Experience the warmth of a small town and its festival

Bagnaia & Caprarola
Discover a hidden, authentic gem only one hour away from Rome: Tuscia district, with its
little medieval town and city centers.
Start the new year in good company in a small, international group, and visit with us the beautiful towns of Caprarola and Bagnaia, with the historical Palazzo Farnese and Villa Lante.
The amazing landscaping in Villa Lante, the paintings and architecture of Palazzo Farnese, and the lively atmosphere of the small alleys of these towns will be a perfect adventure for those who want to live Rome and its surroundings just as the Romans, today 
and centuries ago.
Enjoy the views, taste the food, and end the day in Bagnaia with the “Focarone”, the great bonfire to celebrate Saint Anthony, whom locals love very much. All the people from the
town and from the surroundings rejoice during this night, and you can feel the bond  between them, created by this tradition. Fire is a powerful symbol of renewal, and a local proverb says
«Chi festeggia Sant’Antonio, tutto ell’anno le passa bono» (Who celebrates Saint Anthony will have a good year),
so let’s start the year together, and it will be a great 2016!
Bagnaia and Caprarola are in the surroundings of Viterbo and very easy to reach (about 1 hour by car).
Don’t worry about transportation, we’ll think about it.
Our daytrips are planned to the smallest detail, so you won’t need to bother about anything, just relax and enjoy the unique combination of history, atmosphere, nature and good food, which is typical of Lazio.
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