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Live the luxury of Venetian Carnival

The Angel's flight !
«Buongiorno, Siora Maschera!»
If you listen closely, you can still hear people in Venice greeting themselves this way, during Carnival. Masks everywhere: personal identity, gender, class, no longer exist, just like centuries ago.
For a whole week, Venice transforms itself in the capitol of Mystery, Enchantment and Fun.
Anything can happen: join us in this Carnival adventure and discover that yes,
it’s possible for Venice to be even more beautiful than the usual.
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and get lost with our local guide in the labyrinths of calle, the small alleys of Venice.
Join our intimate, international group, and discover the real Venetian Carnival.
Live one of the most antique traditions of Italy: the celebration of Carnival, when religion
meets paganism and popular tradition.
Breathe the air along the canal, fill your eyes with the ancient Byzantine buildings, open
your heart to the beauty of a church completely covered in marble.
Now enter the buildings and let your eyes feast on the beauty of masterpieces by Tintoretto, Tiziano, Bellini and 
Our local guide will also lead you to the best place to complete your venetian experience
and taste a typical local aperitif, with “spritz” (light cocktail) and “cicchetti” (tapa-style finger food).
That’s what happens when you discover a place with the help of local people!
Book now and ensure the best bus fares: we’ll think about everything, so you’ll just have
to relax and enjoy your charming adventure in one of the most beautiful places of Italy, in its best moment.
Let the Carnival begin.
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